​​​​​​​About us

EcoHelp is eco-engineering segment of

Harjula Solutions Oy.

Founded in 2007, Harjula Solutions Oy produces new technologies to partners. The company brings new perspectives to development activities.

Our strengths are energy-saving technology and the associated mechanics, automation and solutions. In addition, we have specialized in the R&D of the glass-aluminum structures and HVAC systems (marine, oil&gas, navy).


- R&D consultation

- R&D design / 3D / simulations

- R&D prototypes and testing

- Problem / reclamation solving

- sales support

- CleanTech configurations

Please contact for more information.

Hanna Harjula

Finance Manager

tel +358 40 559 7711



Kimmo Harjula

Development Director

+358 44 338 9988